Five Awesome Things About the “Guardians of the Galaxy” Movie

Ladies and gents, Five Awesome Things About Guardians of the Galaxy‘s upcoming movie adaptation:



5ad44ff0aec96b390080708ab80fe1071345336542_full1. James Gunn

I’ve been a fan of director James Gunn since before he was a big film director. I read his book Toy Collector, which was decent, if not (almost) good. Though I will recall distinctly the pee conversation in that book for as long as I live (don’t worry, it’s mundane). Also, I once sold James a copy of my Brain Damage DVD when it went out of print. True story.







movies_guardians2. Chris Pratt

This is the guy from Parks & Rec. He’s muscled out for the role, and looks really good. I have full faith he’s going to make this movie even better. Go dude, go.





3. Rocket470_2663933

He’s a Raccoon superhero. And he’s adorable. What else do we need?





4. Zoe Saldana2013-04-03-zoe_saldana_gamora-533x315

Gamora should be beautiful, and she will be. I love Zoe in the Star Trek movies (though the sequel under utilized her) and she’s just a strong woman that will kick your face.





The Marvel Studios: "Thor: The Dark World" And "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" - Comic-Con International 2013

5. Nebula

I’m not familiar with the young lady playing this character, but she shaved her head and that’s fucking awesome. Her name is Karen Gillan, and she revealed her big bald head at Comic Con this year by ripping a wig off and throwing it into the audience.









Bonus Awesome: This is Marvel’s first film without official studio backing. So they got free reign to be badass.


There’s so many more awesomes (Benicio  Del Toro, Glenn Close) but that’ll have to make it to list two. tumblr_mgzja2qZ8W1qh6sk8o1_500








I’m so excited for this movie.