Smoking. by Robbie Imes

Smoking is a headache before you open your eyes
That ocular throbbing, snooze button lies.

Smoking is thirsty, cotton mouth grumble,
The wrong shoes on, down stairs stumble.

Smoking and bourbon, the night before
Early night promise, but home at four.

Smoking, the bleed, the tumble, the brawl
The heartache, it builds, the misery wall.

Smoking, confession, could’ve done better
You failed again, and weep the fetter.

Then there’s desire, across the bar
Nothing will happen, nothing too far.

Smoking, revenge, a stranger’s kiss,
You just hurt more, for what you miss.

Smoking, home, the butt goes out,
You dread the morning, silent pout.

Breath, wheeze, your lungs despair,
Smoking is terrible, but you’re aware.

Never again, you scream and cry,
And in your head, you want to die.

You’ll ease the truth, you’ll breathe it out,cigarette111
Your heart in pain, lost, no doubt.

But yearn and hope, you’ll make it through
Marlboro lights, Parliament blue.